1517 South Second Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 - In Historic Walkers Point - 1 block south of the Allen-Bradley clock tower
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At The Bomb Shelter you will see a unique collection of vintage brewerania.
Beer signs, advertisments, neon's, bar back displays, beer can and bottle,
collections, Milwaukee historical items, and hunting and fishing mounts.

For over a century, tavern owners have had their establishments adorned both inside
and out with colorful advertising items courtesy of their local breweries. The practice
of the breweries distributing paraphernalia started in the late 1880s as advances in
transportation, bottling methods, and refrigeration allowed breweries to grow from small
neighborhood industries to regional ones. As they distributed their products further and
further from the home brewery, the beer makers could no longer rely on word-of-mouth to
sell their product. Many saloons of the era accepted splendid bar backs from the brewers.
In turn the saloons would sell only their products. Items on a smaller scale have included
porcelain signs, neonís, lithographs, serving trays, clocks, lighted signs, and countless
other promotional items. At the Bomb Shelter you will see many rare and collectable examples of such advertisements, with a focus on Milwaukee and Wisconsin breweries.

Century Hall sign:
The Bomb Shelter has acquired the original Blatz sign that hung outside Century Hall on Milwaukee's east side until it burned down in 1988. Our largest piece of brewerania now on permanent display and is the first time the sign has been publicly displayed in 22 years. A piece of Milwaukee history that's sure to bring back fond memories for those who remember hanging out at Century Hall.

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The Bomb Shelter - 1517 South Second Street Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 - In Milwaukee's Historic Walkers Point.
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